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soft winds and silent words

megan slankard band community

The Megan Slankard LiveJournal Community
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Welcome to the one and only Megan Slankard LJ Community!
(We're just starting up and running, so please, bear with us as we sort out final details!)

This community was started in honor of Megan Slankard, a very talented musician from northern California. Marbe you saw a show or two, and took an interest; maybe you saw her on TLC's What Not To Wear; or maybe you're just a fellow musician, curious about where the hell all that talent comes from. This is a place for fans to chat, trade backstage stories, or share pictures, as well as a place for musicians to talk about jam sessions or share this morning's guitar riff that you can't get out of your head.

This community is a place of understanding. Rudeness will get you nowhere, except banned. Consider yourself warned.